Notice: PyroCMS v 2.2.x is depreciated and is no long under development. This documentation is provided as-is, free of charge, for reference in existing websites.

Logging in

To log into your control panel, go to Enter your email address and password, and you should be good to go!

Login Screen

The PyroCMS Interface


The PyroCMS is designed to be simple and clear. On the top of the screen, you have the main menu, which is where you'll find links to various

The CP Menu

Your entire control panel can be accessed from the top black navigation bar. The items with vary depending on which sections you have access to (you're the administrator? that's everything). It's divided into the following sections:

Section About
Content Modules that deal with your site's content. You can find the pages, widgets, uploaded files and blog modules in here, among others.
Structure Contains controls for structural elements like navigation, redirects, and email templates.
Data Contains controls for shared data on your site, like keywords and variables.
Users Controls for users, groups, and permissions.
Settings This section holds settings for the entire site, from the site name to language preferences. Individual module preferences are editable here as well.
Add-ons Contains areas to view a list of currently installed modules, field types, plugin, themes, and widgets. This is where you control which theme is being used on your site, as well as where you can install and upgrade modules.
Profile View your details or change your password. The option to log out is also located on this menu.

Changing the Default Language

PyroCMS comes in many different languages, and to change the language (English, by default), choose a new language from the menu on the right hand side of the footer:

PyroCMS change language