Notice: PyroCMS v 2.2.x is depreciated and is no long under development. This documentation is provided as-is, free of charge, for reference in existing websites.

Step 1: Fork or Clone PyroCMS

If you just want to pull down changes from the PyroCMS repo on GitHub, you don't need to fork the PyroCMS Repo, you can just clone it like you would any other PyroCMS repo:

git clone

If you want to push your changes back to PyroCMS as pull requests, you'll need to fork our PyroCMS community repo, which can be found here. Simply click the Fork button and you'll have your very own forked repo of PyroCMS on your account!

Then you'll clone that forked repo to your dev environment. Using the terminal, find the folder you want to clone your repo into, and use this command, replacing your-name with you GitHub user name.

git clone

Step 2: Add Pyro as a Remote

To be able to pull in changes from the PyroCMS repo, you can add it as a remote named upstream:

git remote add upstream git://

That's it! You now have your own repository on your account and on your local environment that has PyroCMS as a remote. To pull down changes from PyroCMS, simply run this command, where 2.2/develop is the PyroCMS branch you want to use:

git pull upstream 2.2/develop

You can use git as you would in any other repo, so you can even create a different branch for your site:

git branch mysite
git checkout mysite