New & Reconstructed

Strategy is the first and most vital step when building a new website for your company. Creating a solid plan can mean the difference between making a mediocre or poor website versus building a true website knockout.

The planning phase maps out specifics of what is to be included in the site and objectives the company wants to fulfill. This encompasses goals, target audience, time devoted and so forth. An element that is many times overlooked however, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involvement. It is important that the website looks attractive and fine-tuned, but it is also crucial that the site is visible to customers.

Take into consideration that more than 80 percent of internet users employ major search engines for buying purposes and you quickly realize the importance of search engine visibility. Being found in engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can create astronomical leaps in business growth.

Enliven Applications recognizes the need for strong search engine optimization in conjunction with a methodically planned site structure and achievement of website goals. We work with you to address your company requirements and map out every detail of a site that will cater to the needs of your business. Whether you choose to move into the website design phase with us, another company, or in-house, this “Blueprint” will act as the architecture to build a successful site. Contact us today and ask about our website consulting services.

Website Analysis

We offer several types of website analysis.

  • Full site analysis. (includes all below)
  • Website design analysis – Does your site look professional? Does it match your business goals and target market?
  • Mobility analysis – Does it display well on mobile devices?
  • Keyword analysis – What are your keywords? What pages rank well for that term? Are the keywords a good match for your business?
  • Broken link check
  • Competitive analysis – What are other sites in your field like? What features do they have? How do their sites help them meet their goals?

Then we’ll make an action plan for your site. We’ll start by adding Google Analytics so that we can get baseline numbers to track the progress of our efforts.

Website Traffic Analysis

There are numerous traffic and statistical analysis software options available today at a variety of price points. We recommend Google Analytics to our clients as it is a very powerful traffic analysis tool that is reliable, free to use, and it just keeps getting better over time. If we’re building, or rebuilding, your website, we’ll automatically add this ability to it.

Regular, detailed website traffic analysis enables us to:

  • improve the user-friendliness of our clients’ websites
  • adjust our search engine optimization suggestions for continued improvement
  • react quickly to the loss of an important traffic source.

Expert Traffic Analysis Service

Generally, we do not sell website traffic analysis service as a standalone product. Instead, it is a major piece of our SEO & online marketing packages; however we welcome custom projects based on our hourly rate. One example of a custom job related to traffic analysis would be to work with your hosting provider to implement a stats package if you do not currently have one with your site. Another example would be for us to perform a historical review of your web site statistics to help you answer questions you had about your web site and how your visitors are interacting with your pages.

Website analytics packages offer data. Data by itself has no real value. Only after data is analyzed and interpreted does it become useful information. We know how to use the information to drive more traffic to your website and increase goal conversions.


Do you already have a website, but need help with some updates? That’s no problem.

Do you have a hand-coded or static website that needs to be updated? Maybe you have a group website that was maintained by a volunteer who doesn’t have the time to work on the website any longer. Is your older business website fine except it needs one little fix?

Enliven Applications can update content on all kinds of websites.

  • HTML websites
  • SHTML coding
  • PHP-driven sites
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • Database-driven sites
  • Image updates
  • WordPress sites
  • Hand-coded, HTML websites

and many other items.

Contact us now for a free consultation.