Notice: PyroCMS v 2.2.x is depreciated and is no long under development. This documentation is provided as-is, free of charge, for reference in existing websites.

Step 1: Download PyroCMS v2.2.0

You can download PyroCMS v2.2.0 from GitHub.

If you are using git, you can get the latest copy by running:

 git pull git:// 2.2/master

Incidentally, if you are using Git to upgrade this is probably the last step you need to make - unless you have custom addons.

Step 2: Backup Your Add-ons and database.php

We're going to replace the entire system, so you'll need to back up any files you've modified. Most likely, this is just the database.php file, which is stored in system/cms/config/database.php and contains your database connection details.

If you are using a GUI, take care you don't miss any "hidden" files like .htaccess when copying.

Additionally, you'll want to back up any addons that you've added to the addons directory. We'll be replacing this entire folder, so back those up.

Step 3: Replace the addons and system folders

Delete the system and addons folders, then replace/upload the new versions.

Replace/upload your addons.

Step 4: Update your database.php

At the bottom of this file, change:

$active_record = true;
// to
$query_builder = true;

Replace/upload your backed up database.php.

Step 5: Replace index.php with a the new version

This is not usually the case, but occasionally there will be changes to the root index.php file, so make sure you have the latest one.

Step 6: Ensure config/pagination.php is present

In all of this folder moving, you may be missing a new file: system/cms/config/pagination.php. Make sure that is in your config folder.

Step 7: Make sure the following folders are writable

These folders need to be writable (chmod 777) or "Writable by Everyone", and may have had their permissions reset when you uploaded them to your server. Make sure they are still writable, along with all of their contents.

  • assets/cache
  • system/cms/logs
  • system/cms/cache
  • system/cms/config
  • uploads

Step 8: Update your Addons (Developers)

CodeIgniter has been updated to v3.0 so you will need to take a look at the changelog.

In your modules, if you have been checking for an exact match to false, you will need to change it to this:

// Old
$this->input->post('something') !== false

// New
$this->input->post('something') !== null

If your modules refer to either of the follow two hooks then you will need to change your code to use Events instead.


If you were using the MySQL or MySQLi drivers and your modules use $this->dbforge->drop_table() on tables that may or may not exist, you will need to change the code like so:

// from
// to
$this->dbforge->drop_table('sometable', true);

The comment_helper.php has been removed, meaning display_comments() is gone. Normally we try to deprecate things nicely, but this just had to go. Instead of calling just that function now you have more control over whether or not to show the existing comments and the form itself separately. Here is an example of the blog module:

<?php if (Settings::get('enable_comments')): ?>
    <div id="comments">
        <div id="existing-comments">
            <h4><?php echo lang('comments:title') ?></h4>
            <?php echo $this->comments->display() ?>
        <?php if ($form_display): ?>
            <?php echo $this->comments->form() ?>
        <?php else: ?>
            <?php echo sprintf(lang('blog:disabled_after'), strtolower(lang('global:duration:'.str_replace(' ', '-', $post->comments_enabled)))) ?>
        <?php endif ?>
<?php endif ?>

Notice the two class methods, instead of the one function call.

Instead of loading the helper in your controller, load it like so:

$this->load->library('comments/comments', array(
    'entry_id'    => $post->id,
    'entry_title' => $post->title,
    'module'      => 'blog',
    'singular'    => 'blog:post',
    'plural'      => 'blog:posts',

This entry_title, singular and plural logic matches the Keywords structure, where you pass a language key or just an arbitrary string like "Chicken" to help identify multiple types of data within the same module.

Update Blog Syntax

If you are overloading the blog module, be aware that the blog now uses PyroCMS tags instead of straight PHP, and your overloaded views will need to be updated.

You can find the new views at system/cms/modules/blog/view/. The files that use PyroCMS tags now are:

  • archive.php
  • posts.php
  • view.php

rss.php remains as it was in previous versions.


Done! You are now running the latest, shiniest version of PyroCMS!

This upgrade was bigger than usual - especially for people with custom addons - but it's because we added a lot of awesome stuff.

Remember, if you use Git this is WAY quicker. All database changes are handled automatically (by 'migrations') the next time you load up the control panel.