Notice: PyroCMS v 2.2.x is depreciated and is no long under development. This documentation is provided as-is, free of charge, for reference in existing websites.


Parameter Default Description
Editor Type simple You can choose between a simple or advanced editor. The settings for each editor are available in Settings → WYSIWYG
Allow Tags No If set to Yes any PyroCMS tags in the WYSIWYG content will be parsed before output. If set to No any PyroCMS tags will be converted to entities before output.


The WYSIWYG field outputs the requested WYSIWYG editor. See the Allow Tags parameter above, which dictates if tags will be parsed or not.

Entry Form Usage

To use the WYSIWYG field type on your site using the entry form, you must provide the proper assets to be able to load the editor. The streams plugin makes this easy by providing a tag that generates this data. To call the WYSIWYG editor assets, use this tag somewhere in your code:

{{ streams:form_assets fields="wysiwyg" }}