Installing PyroCMS v3 Alpha

Posted December 13, 2014
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Update: I have decided to break from the new Laravel based PyroCMS.  I won't write any more about v3 up.  Instead, I'll be working with the new CodeIgniter 4 framework and building/using CMSs on that.

PyroCMS v3 is a completely different animal than any previous version, built on Laravel 5 and utilizes composer for dependency management.  PyroCMS versions(0,1,2) are built on CodeIgniter(CI) and as a developer coming from the CI background we all know installing CI (and previous versions of PyroCMS) is pretty straight forward, and dare I say, easy.  Sadly, PyroCMS v3 isn't as easy as dropping files into a directory and running the installer, but it's so much more powerful than before and once you get your head wrapped around it, you can do more with it than any previous version of PyroCMS.

Note: Currently this is Alpha software.  It is under major development and this information may become obsolete 5 minutes ago.

In this entry, I'll try to catch CI based PyroCMS folks up on how to git clone, use composer and successfully install the newest PyroCMS. (As of this writing, PyroCMS v3 is in 'Closed Alpha', so the links to git will not be available.)

Prerequisits :

On your dev/production/staging server(s):

  1. Install git  (you can download a .zip file from GitHub but is not a recommended practice)
  2. Install Composer


Now that you have all of the prerequisites installed, you can move on to installing PyroCMS v3 itself.

First, you need to clone the git repo
git clone[removed] dir_to_install

Then cd into the installed directory:

cd dir_to_install

If you've installed composer in your global environment you can just type:

composer install

else, you'll need to type:

php composer.phar install ​​

Currently, you'll need to create your own database, user, and password.  Once you've done that, run the installer by going to:

Enter all the requested database, administrator, and local information.  

If all has gone well, you'll be welcomed with the home page, (which currently has little on it except the login button).

Trouble Shooting

(I'll add more here as things crop up)

  1. Some MAMP users may get an error referencing 'ext-mcrypt' while using composer.  Refer to this issue for resolution.  Essentially ext-mcrypt isn't in your path, it's trying use the wrong installation of php, and you need to add the correct version to your path.


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Installing PyroCMS v3 Alpha
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PyroCMS v3 is a completely different animal than any previous version, built on Laravel 5 and utilizes composer for dependency management....


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