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We offer hosting for small businesses and individuals (blogs, portfolios, etc) but we do not act like large faceless companies so we don't have automated account creation and things like that. What you will get is someone who's available to answer your questions, help you figure out how to do things and give you personalized support when you need it.  

Small Business Web Development

We are based in Boston Massachusetts and specialise in developing websites using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as PyroCMS, Wordpress and Joomla.  I specifically specialize in PyroCMS based on CodeIgniter.  We routinely develop web applications, RESTful API clients and servers and one-off modules for client websites.


We have many years of experience managing user accounts. We perform site backups, administer email and mailing lists, SSL certificates, and can easily manage all other aspects of a server account.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation Web development consultation, We'll interview you about your business so that we can prepare your website for effective search engine placement and provide you with an easy to use backend that helps you reach your audience and goals.

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Installing PyroCMS v3 Alpha
In: PyroCMS v3
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PyroCMS v3 is a completely different animal than any previous version, built on Laravel 5 and utilizes composer for dependency management....


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